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6212-x86-en ; Description ; Parent directory - ; F10x86.
Library resources and services /Operating systems / Software for a computer / Operating systems 9:
Using Ubuntu, any user can make the most of all the features of the operating system: create, configure, test and publish their own applications (applications written for other operating systems cannot be created). All users can use the main programs of the computer and the operating system - Ubuntu Server, Internet Explorer, Nautilus, Mozilla Firefox, EWDK Workspace, Microsoft SQL Server.
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A collection of programs and utilities for working with text on the N78 phone
Description : A collection of utilities and programs allows you to use various text editors with maximum convenience, find, sort, group documents, maintain to-do lists, edit text, create and format tables.
Statistician 2 is a free graphics editor for creating all kinds of diagrams, thanks to which you can draw this or that information with a simple pencil. With StatisticsPro, you can create both 2D and 3D graphics, analyze data, maintain statistics, and much more.
Revolutionary Store - a new multi-user online store that works on the basis of an auction. Just select a product and click the "Sale" button (visit via links), and we will sell it to you at a discount! This idea inspired the creators of to create a kind of online store that will open up new opportunities for you and help you earn money.
The product includes the most complete collection of plug-ins for working with the Punto Switcher, FileUnavailable, PatchDir, Cool Edit and APK utilities built into the system.
Here is an easy way to change the internal location of files on a hard drive that works without installing additional software. Allows you to copy/move them to an arbitrary location on your computer.
Try to recreate a three-dimensional picture from a regular photo, and with the effect of full color reproduction. You can achieve amazing results with this tool.
Attention ICQ users. The mail client, where you can exchange files, now supports ICQ 6.1.
By downloading the updated ICQ client, in f02ee7bd2b