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Xhun Audio Iron Axe 19 [PORTABLE]

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no comments Xhun Audio IronAxe is now available for free download from a direct link. as well as in the 64-bit version, . It also became possible to adjust the volume level through the menu, joystick, change the sound level, as well as read and save information about each individual acoustic equipment connected to the network.
MAX DX Supersampler is a digital sample rate controller. Simply put, this is the most important thing you need to know about MAX DFX (samples) - in our country it is the most popular and largest (more than 4000 items) audio equipment trading center. But recently a version called BD-700, which is also in Digma audio equipment, has become a hit, while the most popular DFS (although it is completely different).
Find out what's new?
New technologies and electronic components today make it possible to realize a huge number of new possibilities that were previously considered science fiction. Many of the most popular audio formats today operate under the control of new processors (audio codecs) - this makes the life of Internet users more comfortable.
For example, it is precisely because so many new types of processors can be controlled by two systems at once that the device that provides sound reproduction becomes inaccessible to one computer, and besides, it becomes much faster. To play one piece of music from our computer, the operating system (or part of it) must perceive it, that is, process the sound data. But in order for the music to be completely clear and understandable, it must be decoded and deciphered.
We will debug this today.
Unzip the project folder and run it on your computer.
Now, if you install and run the audio format you want, and then open any music source, you will see the result: the file will be converted (compressed) to MP3 format. Thus, you can listen to your favorite song right after the start of playback.
How it works?
As manufacturers say, the speed of recording and playback in this format directly depends on the speed of the Internet connection.
What's more, the DX file can even be compressed.
What are the components of DX?
This project is several applications:
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